5 Step Every Landing Page Need To Succeed

Landing Pages are built specifically to increase Sales or Sales Leads  

Are they really worth it? 

When compared to businesses with less than 10 landing pages, those with 15 or more landing pages tend to increase conversions by 55%. And sales go up by more than 500% for those with more than 40 landing pages.

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Step 1.The Header ( Show The Purpose)

When someone lands on your page, the first question they will ask is, “Why am I here?” You must be able to convey value and purpose right away, which necessitates the use of a strong headline.

Consider your landing page header to be like the headline of a blog piece. It should provide visitors with a clear and straightforward indication of what they will discover there. An image in the header can go a long way toward establishing company identification right away. To maintain consistency, use the same look and feel on all of your landing pages, as well as the guide or gated resource that they lead to.

Step 2.The Copy ( Concis Description)

Once again, conciseness is the key. The copy on your landing page should be descriptive, brief, and simple, with direct links to the ad copy that got the visitor there in the first place.

If your landing page is the “gateway” to a how-to guide, utilize the body copy to present the problem that the guide helps to solve. Then, create a list of bullet points defining the precise themes that the guide will cover. This helps visitors understand where the value is. Transparency and honesty, as with all sorts of marketing text, are always valued.

Step 3.The Data Capture ( Forms )

Your landing page’s form is critical. The purpose of gated assets is to generate leads. If you offer the content away for free without requiring contact information, you are passing up a huge opportunity to expand your email list.

Once you have your visitors’ contact information, you can begin delivering them more relevant material. What information you want in the form depends on your needs, but at a minimum, request their first name, last name, and email address. Don’t forget to include a mechanism for people to sign up for your email newsletter. Other things you might ask for are their marketing budgets (or budgets for whatever service you’re selling), their job title, firm name and size, and the location in which they operate. All of this data allows you to further categorize your email lists and approach leads with more relevant content.

Step 4.General Data Protection Regulation( GDPR EU. )

This does not need to be front and center on your landing, but it should be in the policy.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of guidelines established by the European Commission to safeguard personal information. You should still try to incorporate the language even if your business does not operate within the EU; you never know who might be visiting your site. The content itself should feature a brief paragraph explaining to the prospect how you plan to use their data.

Step 5. Give A Big "Thanks"

Thank visitors for their interest in your company and landing page. This can be a page your prospects are automatically routed to after completing the form, or a “thank you” email with the asset they signed up for. Thanking prospects for filling out the form and connecting with your company is always innovative.
It’s obvious why working on your touchdown page generates happier, better-qualified leads. Spend time optimizing your landing pages, and if they’re not doing well, check these key elements to determine whether they can be improved.

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