Ecommerce Websites

This is how we can help you with e-commerce.

Today there are many online platforms to initiate an online store, you can even start selling from your social account page in Facebook and Instagram. 

However there are many platforms for selling your products or services and our team recommends wordpress+woocommerce, it is very popular, easy to use and many enhancements can be added with time. 

This is what we offer for eCommerce projects. 

Our team recommend installing a premium SSL for securing all the data collected in your webiste. 

Woocommerce designs will developed with your company color and logos, following chosen styles and branding requirements. 

From 50 to unlimited items , categorizes by colors, sizes and other characteristics. 

Working directly with your bank or using a payment app such as paypal or other payment type. 

Our team recommend to connect e-marketing services with your online store. 

Delivery setup and calculation 

How much will cost your ecommerce website with Us.

With bundle services starting in $ 750 for e-commerce website start-up , up to 70 items in the shop. 

Here are some characteristic that may increase the service cost. 

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