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Optimizing your business – Customer communication 

Email-marketing service , cover professional design and distribution of periodical e-mails promoting products, services and feedback from customers, educational material and important announcements to clients .  

Sample Email-Marketing 

Now Available in Our Office

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Estimated Cost Per Service

E-mail marketing in one of the most effective ways to retain and engage your customers . 


$ 35 Per Design

Exclusive Design of a Marketing e-Mail. Professional content creation.


With Reports

$ .78 Per Email

Controlled by specialized app, secure


Combination Services

$ 135 Month

Emaild Design Weekly and Distribution Report

Media For Email

$ 35 upto 65 seconds

Enhance email with video message

Data-USA Email -Marketing

Sure, we can get you potential customer emails by the USA-data  center. However this specialized services can not be perform without a prior interview to determine what demography better suit your busines.

Data-USA Address -Marketing

Direct to mail-box per address, is the traditional way most local business promote their services and products . 

Client Name

785 Gildmore Dr.
Silvertown, GA 39504

Data-USA Cold Call-Marketing

Cold call marketing  is suitable for targeted list of customers with specific criteria  for sale or information distribution. 

Hi, Good Morning Michael, I have nothing but good news to you!

Businessman Wearing Headset Talking To Caller In Busy Customer Services Centre
Email marketing inscription

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